Exmoor is an area of high land overlooking the Bristol Channel. It is now mostly heathland but has been being reclaimed for farming for over a century. The highest point is Dunkery Beacon at 519m.

The headlands have revealed evidence of Mesolithic settlement, the combination of coastal water and high ground seems to be a feature of most Mesolithic nomadic areas. They fished in summer and followed animals into the hills to hunt in later months.
There is little Neolithic evidence on Exmoor, but plenty of Bronze Age activity. There are stone circles and alignments, cairns and huts. The area has a large concentration of hillforts. Many are intervisible. The Romans employed their usual technique for mountainous areas they didn’t see the point in invading. The south of Exmoor is ringed with forts to keep an eye on comings and goings. On the north coast there are two fortlets with signal towers.